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Unusual Chestnut Oak lumber for sale

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From a very old 110' tall tree, about 1300 board feet of lumber. Most boards are 5/4 planed 2 sides to a true 4/4.  Widths to 23 inches.  Most lengths are 10' or greater.  Wood has been dried in a solar kiln to 6%.  Has been sitting, covered, on my screened porch for about a year.  Chestnut oak is like white oak but the heart wood has the appearance of chestnut.  Some boards have good figuring.  One board is 8/4 x 20+" x 12 ft.  Would like to sell the whole lot.  Deal would be cash and carry.  Located outside of Philadelphia. Email:


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I'm interested in that 8/4 plank as I am primarily a woodturner. I live just outside of Philadelphia too( Jenkitown)  and might be interested in several more planks. Let me know if you might be interested and your asking price per bf.



Rick Mantell

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Chesnut Oak for sale (post #170842, reply #2 of 2)

Believe itor not I just saw your response to my ad of 2012!!!  I still have the one thick board - 8/4 x 12 feet.  Let me know if you still have an interest - make an offer on the price.