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"Total Shop" multi-tool in New Mexico

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“Total Shop”  $500

Similar to Shop Smith 505 that sells for $2,899


Includes all parts for use as

Table Saw


Drill Press (or horizontal boring)

12" Disk Sander

Overhead router

New Shop Smith casters

Freud 10" combination blade


I’ll deliver within 90-minute drive from Santa Fe.


505-474-7052 (Home)

505-670-8062 (Cell)

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Did you buy this from a storage sale in Los Lunas about 8 years ago?

I moved from there to Oregon about 10 years ago and could never justify the cost of going back and ahuling what I left in storage - one item was a Total Shop, so I had an auction company go in and sell the stuff.

1 - measure the board twice, 2 - cut it once, 3 - measure the space where it is supposed to go        4 - get a new board and go back to step 1



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Nope. Bought it new in 87 and have been moving it around with me ever since.