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Jointer-Matic for sale.

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 I have for sale a Joint-Matic made by ShopSmith that I purchased from a Widow in St. Louis Missouri who Husband worked at the ShopSmith store in St. Louis when they operated retail locations.  The Joint-Matic does the following joints.

Box Joints
Mortise and Tenon Joints
Dado Box Corner Joints
Splice Dovetail Joints
Bevel Sliding Joints
Half-Blind Dovetail Joints
Dovetail Corner Brackets Joints

The Joint-Matic has a built in dust collection port.  This Joint-Matic looks brand new and includes the owners manual. 

Height          57"
Length         33"
Depth           21 1/2"
Weight         65 lbs

I am willing to ship from Sikeston, Missouri 63801 if the buyer pays the shipping cost.  New ShopSmith sold the Joint-Matic for $409 I am will to sell for $275 CASh plus the shipping if you can't pick it up.

Please e-mail me if you would like to see pictures I have something like 5 of the unit.

Phone 573-380-2430 cell number or 573-472-2021.