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Incinolet For Sale

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Incinolet For Sale (post #153712)

 I have a Incinolet electric toilet. Thats right, its electric. Made out of Stainless steel, its built like a Battleship. 

Here is the background. Before my dad suddenly passed away, he built a woodworking shop and put this in the shop. It was installed for maybe a month. Long story short, my mother said it would never add a dime to the place and that I should take it for my cabin at the farm. When I built the cabin, I did a septic because I could and had no problems putting one in.

So I have a virtually brand new electric toilet that I would love to sell. Its heavy but UPS told me they can deal with that.  I don't want to mess with ebay or craigs. So tossing it out to this group. A new one runs close to 1700 bucks, I will take 950 and buyer pays shipping. 

Read about the toilet here

Don't let the price scare you. I know Illl have to dicker but I'm willing to if someone has a need and is fair. No idea what shipping would be but this is a good value. Can work out  meeting if not to horribly far from KC. Will be traveling to Illinois to see mother soon and can bring it that way...

Checking to see if interest is here before I try some other avenues

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incinolet toilet for sale (post #153712, reply #1 of 17)

Hello, could you tell me what model the toilet is (CF or TR)?  Is is 120volts or 240volts?

Thank you, Mike

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incinolet toilet (post #153712, reply #2 of 17)

is it still available ?

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incinolet (post #153712, reply #3 of 17)

Do you still have your toilet for sale?

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incinolet (post #153712, reply #4 of 17)

Do you still have the incinolet toilet for sale?

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Incinolet (post #153712, reply #5 of 17)

Hello.....might the toilet still be available?    Thank you!    Jim

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incinolet (post #153712, reply #6 of 17)

Is this still available? Thanks!

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incinolet toilet (post #153712, reply #7 of 17)

do you still have this incinerating toilet and is it the cf model. We live right outside of KC and are interested if you still have it, I know the ad was placed in 2010.


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Dave kehoe (post #153712, reply #8 of 17)

Would be interested in your incinolet  live in moline, il on your way to il on I 80 please call me Dave 309-781-5071

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Purchase incinolet (post #153712, reply #9 of 17)

I'd like to purchase your incinolet for a mountain camp site in Utah, and could pay $800.  I was denied a septic permit due to the rocky soils, and this would be a great option.

Please let me know if that would work for you, and I'll provide the shipping address, and arrange payment. 


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Julie (post #153712, reply #10 of 17)

Is this still available and is it 120. Where are you located?

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Incinolet (post #153712, reply #11 of 17)

Still for sale?

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Incinolet (post #153712, reply #12 of 17)

I have a 120V Incinolet for sale.  Anyone still looking for one? 

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Yes! Contact me at please. Thank you (post #153712, reply #14 of 17)

I would welcome a conversation about this unit. We are likely buying one for our shop after ruling out a full drain field.good timing - I just started looking at these today.

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Incinolet (post #153712, reply #15 of 17)

Do you still have an incinolet for sale?

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Searching for Incinolet Toilet for shop & UserFeedback (post #153712, reply #13 of 17)

I am interested in connecting with the person listing one of these for sale in July 2013. And any user feedback is appreciated. My new shop is in Minnesota and a drain field is too disruptive and expensive. Is this available alternative...honestly? 

Replies appreciated to


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FOR SALE (post #153712, reply #16 of 17)

Its 2015 and I  have a 220 volt incinolet that I am  selling also. It is in great condition as it was used for about 6 months while the septic was down.Located @ Connecticut / Rhode Island Any takers could post here or email at

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I do not get it, am I missing (post #153712, reply #17 of 17)

I do not get it, am I missing something or is this a five year old post? If not, is the toilet fo sale?