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Cyclone Dust Collector: WOODSUCKER II

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WOODSUCKER II Cyclone Dust Collector. New, never set up. Professional high efficiency unit featuring a Leeson 2 HP motor, 13.13 Impeller, Cartridge Filter (12.74" x 26"), 16ga. steel cyclone.

Filters 0.5 micron:99.6%; 1.0 @99.7%; 3.0 @ 99.9%; and 5.0 micron @ 100%

This collector has been carefully stored since August 2004. It is in "as new" condition, and complete with all components except the optional 35 gallon drum.

NOTE: If you don't know about WOODSUCKER, I suggest Googling "Bill Pentz", who has an outstanding web site dedicated to dust collection. Even though Woodsucker is a superior collector (and still is), they could not compete with the big boys, and is no longer manufactured.

Priced at $1,150 plus packing and shipping.


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Is this woodsucker still for (post #169283, reply #1 of 1)

Is this woodsucker still for sale ?

Thank you