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Complete Woodrat system for sale

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Complete Woodrat system for sale (post #168706)

I have a barely used woodrat 900 for sale. It comes with 10m HSS router bits. a Dewalt 625 plunge router with the woodrat plunge bars, an unopened laser gude for the router and a set of set up gauges from chipsfly.

I also have several spare parts with it. two of the paralell bars and an extra wire for the pulley. The system has only been used sporadically.


The system was upgraded to aluminum clamps an setup bars. You might need to buy one or two more bits but other wise it is ready to go.

Asking $900

Pictures vailable on request.

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Hi there, I'm (post #168706, reply #1 of 2)

Hi there,

I'm interested.Where are you located ?.

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woodrat (post #168706, reply #2 of 2)

If you still have the WR ()) I am interested in buying it. Please let me know. Would like to get it in time for christmas for my dad

Thanks,  Scott