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Bartley Furniture kits for Sale!

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Bartley Furniture kits for Sale! (post #161126)

I have a  number of Furniture Kits in my basement far beyond practical.  Interested? 703-780-1505 or e-mail,  My list includes   Small QA Lowboy in Tiger Maple, (still in box),, last sold 8 years ago for $589, sell for $489 plus shipping. Hanging Corner Cupboard (Wal), Penn. Spice Chest (C), Shaker Candle Stand (C) and several other pieces.  NOTE:  The Bartley Collection, Ltd. (now Bartley Classic Reproductions) was founded in the 70s in Chicago and later moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  They are considered the Rolls Royce of kit furniture, in the past making mostly 18th Century Reproductions in all forms of Queen Anne, Chippendale, Federal, Sheraton and Hepplewhite styles.  A Bartley kit includes all parts of a piece, pre-cut, and includes hardware, screws, dowels, brasses etc.    Everything is included except Finishes.  Earlier on (but no longer) they made things under the liscense of Colonial Williamsburg, The Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, Ashlawn (James Monroe's Home), and The Smithionan.

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QA Lowboy (post #161126, reply #1 of 24)


do you have some pictures and pricing for this kit?

What is your location as well?



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QA Lowboy (post #161126, reply #3 of 24)


I forgot to tell you to go to the Bartley Classic Repo. web site where you can see a picture of the lowboy.  it is priced at  $789.  I will take $649 for mine and you pay the actual shipping.  It comes in two boxes, the legs being packed in a separate box.


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Bartley Kits (post #161126, reply #2 of 24)


Thanks for your inquiry.  I am located in Alexandria, VA down the Potomac between Mount Vernon and Ft. Belvoir.  I still have a number of things, still available, but have sold a lot of stuff in the past few weeks.  I need to update my forum ad.  I still have the Queen Anne Lowboy in Tiger Maple, new still in the box, I'll save you at least a $100 on this kit.  I have  a number of assembled pieces but unfinished, Mirrors, Tables and Tea Caddies.  I no longer have the Simon Williard Clock, the Bachelor chest, the Block front Chest, and a few other things.  Why don't you call me and I can give you a more accurate inventory.  703-780-1505  Thanks,

Larry Ledbetter 

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Bartley kits (post #161126, reply #4 of 24)

Mike, did you get my mail a while back about the Tiger Maple Lowboy.  If you are still interested let me know, I'll ship it at my cost at $649, that's about the best I can do at the moment.  Thanks, Larry

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Clock (post #161126, reply #5 of 24)

Is the Shaker Wall Clock still available?

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shaker wall clock (post #161126, reply #6 of 24)

Yes, the clock has been basically assembled, the works have not been installed and it has not been finished.  The wood is cherry.    If you like, you can contact me at 703-780-1505.  That's in Alexandria, VA.  Thanks, Larry

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Small world.  I'm over in (post #161126, reply #7 of 24)

Small world.  I'm over in Springfield.  I'll give you a call.

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shaker wall clock (post #161126, reply #8 of 24)

John, I called your office but you had already gone.  I was delivering a bunch of stuff to NJ yesterday and didn't get your message till late.  Call me over the weekend or I'll call you back Monday.  Thanks LLL

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Bartley Furniture Kits for Sale (post #161126, reply #9 of 24)

What exactly are these kits? What is the quality like and are they easy to assemble?

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Bartley Kits (post #161126, reply #10 of 24)

Thanks for your inquirey, and if you read the complete ad in  the first paragraph it discribes the contents of a kit.  All parts are pre-cut to the exact diminisions using dovetails for drawers, and very little if any sanding or rasping is ever required to make pieces fit together.  For the most part Bartley copied and reproduced  pieces that were considered outstanding examples of the period, mostly 18th century.  The quality is certainly comparable  to Hinkel Harris, Baker or Kindle furniture, and in some cases I would compare their pieces to Kittenger.  But then the finish of a piece always makes the big difference in appearance.  An old expression; you can make a Sows Ear into a silk purse if you finish it good enough, AND just the opposite too!  Drawer fronts on chest etc. are all made from a single board, tops and sides are glue ups.  Brasses are solid, and in many cases they used Ball & Ball products.  Keep in mind that the company at one time reproduced pieces under the licenses from Colonial Williamsburg, The Henry Ford Museum, Ashlawn Plantation and The Smithsonian, no small task.  LL

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Bartley kits (post #161126, reply #11 of 24)

Which are still available?

Any highboys or other chests?  small boxes?  Bookcases?  Clocks?


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Tom, Just got your message, (post #161126, reply #12 of 24)


Just got your message, been on an extended holiday trip down south and just returned today.  Just for starters,  I've got a William and Mary Highboy in Walnut, still in the boxes, a Cherry Rice Bed still in the box, a QA Lowboy in Tiger Maple in the box, an English Chippendale Chest, assembled buy unfinished, several Tea Caddies & an assortment of other stuff .  I live in Alexandria, VA, tel. 703-780-1505.  Give me a call at your convenience to chat about these things.  Thanks, Larry

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Available kits (post #161126, reply #13 of 24)

Do you have a William and Mary Highboy, Slant Front Desk or Queen Anne Highboy?

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Bartley's Tea Caddy kit? (post #161126, reply #15 of 24)

Dear Tom,

I just did a google search on Bartley Collection kits and your 2012 post came up.  Do you still have tea caddy kits?  



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Bartley Collection Kits (post #161126, reply #14 of 24)

Do you still have Bartley Kits for sale??

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Bartley Kits (post #161126, reply #16 of 24)

Do you still have any kits for sale. I am interested in the spice chest.

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Bartley furniture kits (post #161126, reply #17 of 24)

I'm sure your listing is not current, but thought I would ask.  Any Bartley kits left?

Thanks.  D. Hendricks

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Bartley Kits (post #161126, reply #19 of 24)

If you are interested in kits for sale, see my ad from a few days ago.

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please send list of kits. (post #161126, reply #21 of 24)

Yes. Looking for a chest on chest, or other  am very interested  

thank you. 

‘Dave H

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Bartley (post #161126, reply #23 of 24)

Interested in plantation hunt board, highboy, Salem and Boston secretaries. Can only find pic of hunt board online

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Bartley furniture kits (post #161126, reply #18 of 24)

OOPS.  I just noticed the date of your post

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Bartley furniture kit (post #161126, reply #20 of 24)

I have a Bartley Rice Bed in cherry available in the original box. Headboard, front & rear rails sanded. All other pieces original and in the box. Would consider selling it for right price. Currently in Chicago area. Would save me moving kit to Austin Texas at the end of this month. It's a beauty .......Email/call/text me if interested (630-254-1990)










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Bed (post #161126, reply #22 of 24)

what size and how much?


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Bartley Rice Bed (post #161126, reply #24 of 24)



Do you still have the bed kit?


Thank you.


Doug Myers

Laurel, MT