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Asturo K24 Paint & Lacquer Spray Pump with ECO SSP Spray Gun

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This is a top of the line Italian spray pump for wood finishing, car painting, boats, aircraft, etc..  If you spray gallons of finish in a week, this will suit your needs very well.  I'm selling it for less than 1/2 price at $1200.00.

I bought this Asturo K24 pump with the intention to expand my small furniture finishing shop into a larger scale operation. Unfortunately I’m a lot better at finishing than at business development and the expansion never took place. Instead, I ended up closing the shop and didn’t get a chance to use this pump. I had to unpack it from the shipping boxes to take these pictures.

I ordered the pump specially equipped to run 2 spray guns at the same time (it can run up to 6 guns at once). So it has a filtered manifold with 2 regulated outlets and 2 sets of spray gun hoses (see pictures below).  You can plug the second outlet if you only want to use 1 spray gun.

I also ordered 2 Asturo ECO SSP spray guns.  I ended up using one of them with a cup attachment and am keeping it.  The gun sprays beautifully and runs on a very small compressor. I use it with my portable 4 CFM, 5 gallon dual tank, Mi-T-M compressor and it works great.  The ECO gun that’s included with this sale is brand new except for the air-cap.  I used the air cap on my gun and it has a small ding in it.  It doesn’t affect the performance – but it’s not new like everything else.

This set-up, without the dual manifold and extra set of spray gun hoses, retails for $2,122.00, you can see it here -  Asturo K24 Pump


This is the pump on the upgraded heavy duty cart with  pneumatic tires.


This is the ECO SSP spray gun and cleaning kit.


This is the spray gun manual.


This is the 2 sets of air and fluid hoses.


This is the filtered manifold that has 2 gauges so you can use 2 spray guns at the same time.  The pump runs up to 6 spray guns at once. You can use just one spray gun at a time anytime you want.


This is the manual for the pump.


This is the pick-up tube. You can use it with a gallon or 5 gallon pail of finish (laquer, watterbase, conversion varnish, catalyzed polyurethane, etc.).  There's an optional hopper you can use like a gravity feed cup instead of the pick up tube.  It's handy when you don;t want to spray a whole bucket.


This is another view of the pump and cart.


This is a close-up of the pump.


Here's more information about this spray system;

Asturo ECO SSP Spray Gun

Low pressure HVLP spray gun for high efficiency industrial painting and medium or large surfaces when a superior quality is required together with fast working speed.

Typical application areas: woodworking manufacturing, production body shops, machinery, appliance, aircraft, automotive and fiberglass manufacturers for excellent results with paint, waterborne coatings, lacquer, enamel, varnish, catalyzed polyurethane, primer, sealer, stains, and toners.

May be used with low pressure double diaphragm pumps and pressure tanks providing very high transfer efficiency, low overspray, consistent material savings and quick return on investment (ROI).

Retail price for ECO SSP = $335.00 - <a href="]" target="_blank">Asturo ECO</a>

ECO Spray Gun info  - <a href="]" target=_blank">Online manual</a>


Asturo K24 Double Diaphragm Pump

  • Fit for furniture, cabinetry, and millwork finishing; plastic and metal handwork painting, bodywork and automotive, aircraft, watercraft and other industrial applications.
  • Use with water and solvent based products, enamels, lakes, dyes, transparent coatings, primers, pigmented coatings, bucciato paints, hammered, gofratto, glues and adhesives.
  • <u>Tech Data</u>
  •    Fluid flow: 6.2 g.p.m.
  •    Ratio: 1 : 1
  •    Nozzle: 0,5÷5 mm
  •    Working air press: 15÷116 psi
  •    Fluid outlet: 1/4” M
  •    Air inlet: 1/4” M

Here’s a link to the manual - <a href="]" target="_blank">Asturo K24 Manual</a>

Here are links to a couple videos showing the pump in action.  Please ignore the idiot in the first video that isn’t wearing any personal protection equipment (respirator, spray suit, etc.) and is rubbing against the side of everything he sprays (look at the finish build-up on his clothes) as well as spraying against the side walls of the spray booth.  Video #2 shows the gravity feed hopper option that you can use instead of siphoning from a gallon, 5 gallon pail or 55 gallon drum – just pour in a little finish and spray away.

Video #1 (fast forward to the 10:04 minute mark to see the pump - Video #1

Video #2 (shows the hopper attachment)- Video #2


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still have the K24 for sale? (post #177555, reply #1 of 5)

email me back , or text me 602-885-1852

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still have the K24 for sale? (post #177555, reply #2 of 5)

email me back , or text me 602-885-1852

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