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Bench space is  available for immediate use in

an oversized loft  used as a woodworking studio to share with craftsmen 

who can appreciate an inexpensive place to work within an 8,000 sq ft loft.

Aslo great for furniture storage & restoration, Architect or Designer.

Sublet option available.

In addition to being fully equipped, the space has 2 restrooms and spray booth plus access to a passenger

and freight elevator.


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renting spraybooth (post #160956, reply #1 of 8)

I have a small shop in brooklyn and am looking to rent a extra spray booth and am wondering if this is something you would be interested in
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Woodworking Shop Space / Spray Booth Use (post #160956, reply #2 of 8)

We are located on Van Brunt St on the waterfront.  Use of our spray booth is available. Please elaborate on your usage and frequency/ how often you will use the booth.

I can be reached at 646 418 5578


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share space available (post #160956, reply #3 of 8)



Saw this post, I know it was a while ago but just wanted to check to see if there was anything available right now?  Or if you know of anything available anywhere else in a similar environment.




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Woodshop for rent in Brooklyn (post #160956, reply #4 of 8)


We have woodshop space available to rent in Brooklyn, on Bedford Ave bet Fulton and Atlantic. Feel free to contact me.


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looking for space (post #160956, reply #5 of 8)

I am moving my complete woodshop from Massachusetts to Brooklyn

and am looking to share space with other woodworkers. Is this an option with your space?

Thanks. Josh

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Looking for a workshop for rent in Brooklyn (post #160956, reply #6 of 8)

Just saw this was posted awhile ago, but I'll still try my luck-

I am looking extansevly after a shop for my two millworkers to rent on a hourly/daily/monthly basis.

Is there anything available? Maybe somebody knows something about similar rentals? 


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Woodworking shop (post #160956, reply #7 of 8)


Is there still space available at this shop? We are looking for a space to film a woodworking show from April 13 - July 13.  Please let me know thanks!



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Shop space rental (post #160956, reply #8 of 8)

Please let me know if the space is still available. I have a project that I need to start asap. You can also call me at 202-650-9102. I'm a Queens residente and I been doing woodwork for 35 years.

Thank you for your business!

Carlos Lemos