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Anyone who is a locksmith/ owns a business that hired a locksmith?

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What sort of skills do you look for in a locksmith? Also, I know most people who go into this are introduced to it by a parent who was a smith before them, but this is not the case for me. Would this put me at a disadvantage? Any other suggestions for getting started in the profession?



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Locksmith work is a kind of (post #169830, reply #1 of 5)

Locksmith work is a kind of tricy work you can say. You must know about all the locks and how to repair those locks whether the lock must be jammed or broken.It's not compulsory to say the parent is a smith so the son might be.If you are well tained in repairing locks and making the new keys  for broken locks you can be locksmith.

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Download over 16,000 (post #169830, reply #2 of 5)

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my best friend have a locksmith compeny (post #169830, reply #3 of 5)

my friend have a locksmith company in palm desert ca, and i know he is hiring right now

give hime a call

good luck

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Locksmith work (post #169830, reply #4 of 5)

Locksmith is one who know all the methods and tricks of repairing , replacing and unlocking all the locks  whether they are home locks or commercial locks.Also they must have experience in handling the lockout situations so that they will present instantly at lockout place and resolve the customer's issue.

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so I am not a certified (post #169830, reply #5 of 5)

so I am not a certified locksmith by any sort of definition, but my carpentric excursions of course involved replacing dors, and often folks didn't have keys, so I had to use the skills that I aquired as a 10 year old when I lost the keys tomy grandparents house.


You tube wasn't around then, but i t is now. Lots of lock-skills there. in the last 50 yerars i've acquired a lot of lock tools which would proalby get me arrested now as laws have changed as to what tools  you may possess without legal certification


But basic lock-picking and rekeying has been 9.9% of my eendeavours, and alwasy related to carpentry related door replacement.


But in this day and age of high-tech keys, best  and economically rational to leave it to the pros. Kinda like leaving anything beyond the two-wire electrical solutions to the pros