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How to attach custom panels to stand-alone fridge doors? Hinge supplier?

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Help!  We're having trouble with our Italian kitchen-makers here in Turin, Italy to attach the custom wood panels (matching all the kitchen cabinets) to a standard double-door "American" refrigerator with ice-maker and water filter in the left door, so it will be incorporated into the entire wall of kitchen cabinets.  They tell us we needed to buy a refrigerator made to put into panelling.  We don't think that's the case; just that they don't know where to find the hinges to do it with our existing fridge.  It's standard depth, not made for in-built or anything.  We have a niche that is behind it, bringing it a bit into the wall, and we can bring out all the cabinets adjacent to it as far as we need so they're all flush (but we don't know how much we'll need for the panels on the fridge.)

Here is a picture of the hinges we think we'll need to be able to attach it to the fridge.  Where to find them? 

Our fridge is an Hotpoint Ariston MSZ802DHA.  

Also, do we need special venting for the heat of this fridge, seeing that the fridge is not made to be in a casing?  It will have three inches behind it until the wall, and at least the same all the way around the fridge. We can vent it behind the cabinets next to it to the tube that exhausts the hood to the outside.

Any help? If anyone has as detailed instructions as possible, that would be great.